DEBETEK air purification hygiene unit EASY mobile

€ 45,00 EUR
Can be integrated into individual rooms without high installation costs.
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The DEBETEK air purification hygiene system EASY mobil was developed to achieve special indoor air hygiene and low germ levels. The oxygen activation that takes place improves the quality of the indoor air. The DEBETEK EASY system can be used as a mobile unit in various rooms. The DEBETEK EASY system permanently reduces biological contamination and pathogenic agents such as germs, mould, bacteria, viruses and air pollutants.

Our DEBETEK systems, with our specially developed system procedure and the DEBETEK active oxygen agent used, have also been proven to inactivate corona viruses in the room air and on surfaces. Our DEBETEK active oxygen agent is 100% environmentally friendly and decomposes into 100% water and oxygen after the reaction. The decomposition results in oxygen activation, which benefits indoor spaces and significantly improves indoor air quality. The DEBETEK EASY system can also be used for classic room disinfection. Thanks to the modern control system, the DEBETEK EASY system can be precisely set and adjusted individually per cubic metre depending on the size of the interior.

Technical data

Mobility: 2 swivel castors, 2 parking brakes

Control: Touch display

Fuel tank: 15 litres

Atomiser nozzle: stainless steel nozzle with fine filter

Air performance of the fans: Approx. 470 m³ / h

Power supply: 220 volts / 50 Hz / safety plug110 volts / 60 Hz Power consumption 20 watts / h

Mains cable: 3 metre length

Ambient temperature: 1-49 C

Scope of delivery

Optional: Co² room air quality sensor (air quality sensor readable with graphic and traffic light function)

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