Upgrading RLT ventilation and air-conditioning systemsmobile air purification units

Connection to ventilation and air conditioning system or mobile use

The DEBETEK RLT air purification and hygiene system is connected to the ventilation and air conditioning system. The DEBETEK nozzle systems connected to the DEBETEK air purification and hygiene system are installed on the outside air and supply air duct of the existing ventilation system.

The EASY system, on the other hand, can be used as a single, mobile disinfection system or as an air purification system. In addition, it can be connected to a smaller AHU ventilation system if required.
for air handling unitsEASY mobileEASY RLT

Up to 99.999 % proven effective

Surfaces sampled
42 ventilation and air conditioning (AHU) systems and the associated surfaces of the connected indoor rooms were examined

Functional areas examined
Operating rooms, intensive care unit, production rooms, open-plan offices, outpatient department, recreation rooms, corridors and ancillary rooms, laboratory areas, packaging and storage areas.

More than 3,500 microbiological samples were taken during daily operations. The examinations were partly carried out by the operator in-house or by several independent hygiene institutions.

Experts confirm that the DEBETEK air purification hygiene system complies with VDI 6022 and § 1 of the Infection Protection Act.

Laboratory reports
Germs present in %
Laboratory-tested effectiveness against germs
Germ reduction of the DEBETEK AHU hygiene system per running time in days

Natural cleaning with active oxygen

In the DEBETEK process, the DEBETEK operating agent active oxygen reacts with biological impurities. By reacting with the impurities, DEBETEK active oxygen decomposes 100% and in an environmentally friendly way into water and oxygen. This results in oxygen activation, which cleans and refreshes the indoor air to an unprecedented hygienic level. The result is a lasting low level of germs. Only a few millilitres of DEBETEK active oxygen are dosed into the ventilation system at intervals. The indoor concentration of DEBETEK active oxygen is approximately 3000 times below the safe MAK value. The DEBETEK H²O² concentration indoors corresponds to the H²O² naturally present in the environment, in the outdoor air, in rain and in snow.

"... it is known that hydrogen peroxide is produced in the body itself and plays a variety of roles as a signalling and defence substance. In the past, it was thought that the peroxide, which is a by-product of the oxidation of sugar, is immediately detoxified so that it cannot cause any harm, in line with the Harman theory. In more recent times, a completely different understanding of the important role of naturally formed hydrogen peroxide has grown, even though, contrary to some pronouncements, the complex has not yet been extensively researched. Today we know that peroxide itself plays the role of a signalling molecule in plant biochemistry to ward off harmful microorganisms. With regard to humans and animals, the important role of hydrogen peroxide as an internal signal is now generally recognised. It plays an important role in the chemical reactions of calcium metabolism, in reactions on proteins (accumulation of phosphorus compounds - "phosphorylation") and in the activation of individual genes. Hydrogen peroxide is the defence agent of neutrophil granulocytes, the most important subgroup of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the system of defence against microorganisms."

Dr. habil. Jochen Gartz

Reduces energy consumption, costs and CO² emissions

By carrying out a DEBETEK hygiene and energy optimisation, operators of air handling, ventilation and air conditioning systems can also save time-consuming and costly maintenance, cleaning and energy costs due to the lasting low germ count. The outstanding, lasting effect of the DEBETEK system has been proven by microbiological pre- and post-tests on more than 42 air handling units in practical operation. In addition, several laboratory tests have proven the unique effect of DEBETEK systems.

Mobile air purification technology
EASY air purification system


Free-standing, mobile model for individual rooms.
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RLT hygiene system

For connection to existing ventilation and air-conditioning systems
EASY air purification system


For connection to smaller ventilation systems
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