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Günzburg Hospital
Cleanair Solutions

Strong germ reduction

"...airborne germs in the production rooms could be reduced by more than 90 % across the board and permanently compared to previous standard measures (UV, ozone, ionisation; organic acids)."

"Apart from the very good microbiological effectiveness of the DEBETEK system, it was found that the indoor air quality in the connected indoor rooms is also greatly improved, the air appears cleaner, air pollutants and odours are reduced, and the employees feel more comfortable.

We have so far equipped 16 RL T units with DEBETE technology."


Dr. med. vet. Jörg Kleemann, Specialist Veterinarian for Food Hygiene Head of Quality Assurance

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Electricity cost savings

"This saves about 745,000 wk of electricity per year, which gives us an electricity cost saving of about €150,800."

"Further savings were generated through low maintenance costs and longer filter service lives. This results in a CO² reduction of approx. 298.8 tonnes per year.

We have so far equipped 16 RL T units with DEBETE technology."

Bayreuth Hospital GmbH

Marcel Tölle, Deputy Technical Director Operating Technology

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Improvement of the best before date

"Due to the area-wide air and indoor hygiene and the resulting low germ count in our production areas, we were even able to improve and increase the best-before date of our products."

"The DEBETEK hygiene system reduces the total germ count in our production areas preventively and sustainably."

Kremer Quality Meat GmbH

Andreas Kremer, Managing Director

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Maintenance costs reduced

"...supports the system cleaning of the ventilation and air conditioning systems and air ducts through oxidation of H²O², which contributes to high maintenance cost savings."

"The results of the findings showed that total CFU were reduced by a good 90% across the board at the sampled sites."

Swissôtel Düsseldorf / Neuss

BRE Neuss Operations GmbH

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Sustained low germination

"The DEBETEK air purification system thus demonstrably achieves a sustained low level of germs in the air handling unit, the duct systems and in the indoor air of the connected air handling unit as a preventive measure".

"In doing so, indoor air quality is greatly improved by reducing odours and biological contaminants in a preventative and sustainable manner..."

Hipp Kampfkunst Ulm, tested by KHS Süd GmbH,

Thomas Schaubeck

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Cleanair Solutions

Improvement of the indoor air quality

"...likewise, I have been told of an overall more pleasant atmosphere indoors (one customer can prove that the time spent by walk-in customers in his shops has increased by about 12% since the use of the air purification systems)."

"Despite repeated cleaning and disinfection measures, customers repeatedly had problems with the hygiene of the supply air from their ventilation systems and, as a result, problems with increased germ contamination in indoor areas.

Since the installation and permanent operation of the DEBETEK air purification hygiene systems, these indoor germ counts, some of which were massive, have dropped drastically."

CLEAN AIR Solutions Ltd & Co. KG

Mike Unbehauer, state-certified disinfector

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Reduces risk of infection

"...there is an area-wide persistent lack of germs and thus significantly reduces the risk of contracting transmissible pathogens."

"From our point of view, an essential aspect is that oxygen activation improves the air quality and foul odours in rooms are automatically eliminated.

We can only recommend AHU operators to use this hygiene technology..."


P. Wieczorek, Dipl.-Ing.

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Catholic hospitals

Hygiene optimisation of the operating theatre facilities

"The hygiene optimisation of the operating theatre equipment will allow it to be shut down when not in use at weekends and at night, which will result in annual electricity cost savings of approximately 680,000 kW."

"Over the next 10 years, without neglecting the hygienic requirements, approximately 1 million euros in electricity costs can be saved for our building.

Further potential savings in the maintenance area are obvious..."

Kath. Kliniken Ruhrhalbinsel gGmbH

Wolfgang E. Siewert, Technical Director

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Günzburg Hospital

Improved wellbeing

"Shortly after the DEBETEK system was put into operation, the air in the rooms was greatly improved."

"The well-being of the staff and patients has been noticeably increased since the installation of the DEBETEK system and there have been no more complaints.

The results of the microbiological preliminary tests were compared with the microbiological follow-up tests carried out several times over several months. It was proven that the DEBETEK system produced an area-wide low microbial count in the indoor spaces."

Günzburg-Krumbach district hospitals

Bernd Schienagel, Technical Service / Technical Manager

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