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DEBETEK GmbH was founded in 2010 by the owners Richard, Gudrun and Daniel Hipp. The DEBETEK air purification hygiene system is an innovatively developed and patented brand product of DEBETEK GmbH. The DEBETEK air purification hygiene system was developed to protect the highest good, the health of humans, animals and the environment.

In the beginning, there was the idea of a permanent hygiene protection, which should combine efficiency, environmental friendliness and health safety and neutralise germs and contamination in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Especially the difficult-to-access and complex air-conducting duct systems in the buildings were the focus of the objective. At the same time, the air purification system was to reduce unpleasant odours and clean and improve the indoor air in the rooms.

Already in 2009, when the first prototype was developed, a global reduction of total germ counts of a good 90 % was achieved in the ventilation systems and in the connected indoor rooms in real operation. In the weeks, months and years that followed, these results were maintained through regular follow-up tests. Furthermore, it was demonstrably established in the practical application in the following years that the indoor air quality is improved by the oxygen activation and thus a more pleasant and fresh indoor climate is created.

Over a period of ten years, 42 different air conditioning and ventilation systems and their connected interiors were tested for the presence of germs during daily operations: As part of regular microbiological pre- and post-tests, the system operators as well as external hygienists and hygiene institutes took and analysed more than three thousand microbiological environmental samples.

Meanwhile, the DEBETEK air purification - hygiene - system is in use in office buildings, health and care facilities, the food industry, hotels and other sectors. Clients of DEBETEK, its sales partners and customers of the DEBETEK air purification hygiene system are primarily standard-setting companies and organisations that trust in a pleasantly hygienic atmosphere and a positive basic mood in their premises, value the well-being of their employees, guests and customers, consider their clients to be important and attach importance to hygiene, cleanliness, purity and faultless products.

In several ventilation systems, operators have been able to optimise energy consumption thanks to the outstanding, long-lasting hygienic effect of the "DEBETEK air purification hygiene system".
With these DEBETEK hygiene and energy optimisations, system operators were able to save several thousand euros per year per air handling unit in energy costs! With these annual savings, a large-scale reduction in germs was achieved through the lasting DEBETEK effect (through the reduction of germs, bacteria, viruses and biological contaminants).

The annual cleaning, maintenance and servicing costs of the air handling units and their air ducting systems have not yet been included here, as these can vary from one air handling unit to another. The energy cost savings of some air handling unit operators (DEBETEK Hygiene and Energy Optimisation) are due to the outstandingly effective large-area sterility of our DEBETEK unit technology.

Through the use of DEBETEK active oxygen, oxygen activation takes place in the interior rooms. In this way, DEBETEK not only eliminates pathogenic germs, viruses and odours, but also leads to a more pleasant fresh indoor air quality.

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