Examination results of our hygiene technology

Corona Virus

Up to 99.94% confirmed inactivation of the Corona virus.

Up to 99.999% effective

against mould, viruses, germs and bacteria.

Microbial efficacy

Microbial effect after 10 and 13 minutes.

Tested and approved

Tested and approved according to VDI 6022 place 1,2018.
Germs present in %
Laboratory-tested effectiveness against germs
Germ reduction of the DEBETEK AHU hygiene system per running time in days

Up to 99.999 % proven effective

Surfaces sampled
42 ventilation and air conditioning systems and the associated surfaces of the connected indoor rooms were examined

Ventilation andair conditioning systems
Equipment chambers, filters and built-in parts

Fresh air, supply air, recirculated air and exhaust air ducts

G4, F5, F7, F9, Hepa 13 and supply air outlets

Indoor rooms
Room surfaces, air and commodities

Functional areas examined
Open-plan offices, operating theatres, intensive care units, production rooms, ambulance stations, recreation rooms, corridors and ancillary rooms, laboratory areas, packaging and storage areas, indoor rooms air and surfaces.
Over 3,500 microbiological samples were taken during daily operations.                    

The investigations were partly carried out by the operator in-house or by several independent external hygiene institutions.

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Existing None in %
Germ reduction of the DEBETEK AHU hygiene system per running time in days

Patents and applications

DEBETEK Air Purification-Hygiene Plant
Patent USA: U. S. Pat. No. 8,459,050
Patent China: Patent No.: ZL 2010 1 0282428.1
Patent India: No. 367656
Patent Application Germany: No. DE 102010020508A1
Patent Application Russia: MB Az.: N/HAUSW-007-RU Utility Model Germany No. 20 2021 100 771.0

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