Health pillar

€ 120,00 EUR
Contactless temperature measurement and disinfection.
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  • Weight (without fuel)

Our newly developed health pillar allows hand disinfection and body temperature measurement in one.

The handling is very simple. Simply hold your palm under the dispenser to measure the body temperature without contact. At the same time, you receive the disinfectant to rub into your hand. This is quick

and efficient. The unit has various setting options. Two temperature units, degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, can be selected.

The health pillar has a digital display and voice output. The selection is made from 15 different languages. Furthermore, a maximum value of the body temperature can be set, and when this is reached, a warning signal can sound if desired.

For smooth and long-lasting use, the health pillar has an extra-large tank (1.2 litres) for disinfectant, which can be easily filled via an access in the lid. In principle, the dispenser can also be filled with soap or washing gel and is thus universally applicable. Depending on your preference, you can choose to dispense in spray form, as drops or foam. The quantity can also be easily adjusted.

You can operate the unit with a mains plug (230 volts) or alternatively we recommend a power bank to operate the column self-sufficiently.

You can choose from 4 different colours and the column also offers space for individual stickers (company logo, advertising etc.).

Technical data:

Detection via: 2 infrared sensors

Maximum power: 3 W

Material device: ABS + PE

Container capacity: 1200 ml

Working environment: 10 ~ 40 degrees Celsius

Measuring range: 10 ~ 50 degrees Celsius

Power supply: 230 volt or power bank

Maximum indoor humidity: 85

Accuracy: + / - 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit

Detection distance: 3-10 cm

Type: Spray / Drop / Foam

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