DEBETEK AHU air purification hygiene system

€ 20,000.00 EUR
For connection to existing ventilation and air-conditioning systems
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The DEBETEK AHU air purification hygiene system is connected to your existing ventilation and air conditioning system.

The DEBETEK nozzle systems, which are connected to the DEBETEK air purification hygiene system , are installed on the outside air and supply air duct of the existing ventilation system. DEBETEK's innovative, environmentally friendly and oxygen-activated air purification process is unique in the world and completely harmless to health. It does not involve cold fogging. Bacteria, viruses, mould, germs and odours are greatly reduced not only in the system components of the ventilation and air-conditioning system, but also in the interior rooms connected to it.

In our DEBETEK process, the operating agent active oxygen reacts with biological impurities in the air and on surfaces. By reacting with the impurities, DEBETEK active oxygen decomposes into water and oxygen in a 100% residue-free and environmentally friendly manner. This results in oxygen activation, which brings the indoor air to an unprecedented hygienic level. In this way, germs are permanently kept to a minimum. The indoor air quality is demonstrably improved. Scientific studies prove that the DEBETEK H²O² concentration in the indoor air is approximately the same as that naturally present in the environment in the outdoor air.                                                                      

Only a few millilitres of DEBETEK active oxygen are dosed into the ventilation system at intervals. The indoor concentration of DEBETEK active oxygen is approx. 3000 times below the safe MAK value. The dosage of DEBETEK active oxygen is specially adapted to the size and requirements of the system operator, as well as to the existing interior sizes in m³ room air volume.

Use additional advantages

By operating the innovative DEBETEK system, it is not only possible to achieve lasting protection in the ventilation systems and indoor rooms against pathogenic germs.                                                                                                

By carrying out a DEBETEK hygiene and energy optimisation, operators of air handling, ventilation and air conditioning systems can save additional time-consuming and costly maintenance, cleaning and energy costs. These savings are made possible by the permanently low germ levels in the air conditioning systems.

The outstandingly long-lasting effect of the DEBETEK system has been proven by microbiological pre- and post-tests on over 42 air handling units in practical operation. In addition, several laboratory tests have proven the unique effect of the DEBETEK air purification technology.                                                                                                              

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