Hygiene plant-DESI

€ 1.000,00 EUR
For low germ levels in cooling towers.
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The DEBETEK hygienic system DESI was developed to achieve a special low germ count in cooling towers, especially biological contaminants and legionella are strongly and permanently reduced.

The DEBETEK DESI system permanently reduces biological contamination and pathogenic agents such as bacteria, viruses, legionella and mold, a permanent low germ count is achieved in cooling towers. Our DEBETEK active oxygen breaks down into water and oxygen in a 100% environmentally friendly manner and without leaving any residues.

The DEBETEK DESI hygiene system can be precisely set and adjusted per liter of water in the utility water basin, individually to the local conditions of the cooling tower, via a dosage list.

Technical data

Control of the dosing quantity: In seconds via a timer switch

Operating fluid tank: 40 or 95 liters

Atomiser nozzle: stainless steel nozzle with fine filter

Power supply: 230 Volt / 50 Hz / Schuko plug

Power consumption: Approx. 20 Watt / h

Power cord: 3 meters

Ambient temperature: 1-45 °C

Control system: Digital timer

Scope of delivery

- Stainless steel nozzle system with mounting flange for connection to the cooling tower

- Stainless steel atomizer nozzle with integrated fine filter

- 40 or 95 liter operating fluid tank with level monitoring and stainless steel fine filter

- Control and dosing takes place via a digital timer

- Schuko plug for 230 volt mains supply

Connection to a cooling tower

Connection to a cooling tower

The DEBETEK hygiene system DESI is connected to a cooling tower with a stainless steel nozzle system.

A nozzle is attached in such a way that our DEBETEK active oxygen is dosed into the service water basin.

The dosage of the DEBETEK active oxygen agent (a 6 percent aqueous H2O2 solution) is specially adapted to the amount of water in the utility water basin in ml of active oxygen per

liter amount of water and is adjusted according to a dosage list and dosed in.

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